Using OneLine

You can move OneLine throughout the page with the arrow keys, or the W and S keys. The down arrow key (or the S key) will move OneLine down the page, and the up arrow (or the W key) key will move OneLine up the page. Try it out on this page!

The Popup

You can access the popup window by clicking the OneLine icon in the top right hand corner of your chrome window. From this popup window, you can turn the extension on or off, choose your desired color, and set your favorite colors.

Choosing Colors

OneLine offers a full RGB color picker, so you can choose any color you'd like. To change the color of OneLine, simply left click on your desired color in the color picker. The active color will be displayed in the Active Color section of the popup. You can also click any of the recommended colors, which are proven to help dyslexic readers read more efficietly, or any of your favorited colors (if any).


OneLine also includes a favorites system. To set a favorite, choose your desired color with the color picker, and then click the bookmark button on the right side of the Active Color section. This will save the selected color, so you can always select it in the future. If you want to remove a favorite, simply click the trash can icon that is under the favorite you would like to delete. You can set up to 5 favorites.