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What is OneLine?

Strengthen your reading OneLine at a time. OneLine is a reading aid for the web that increases your focus and reading efficiency by highlighting a single row of words on a web page.


OneLine comes preset with recommended colors proven to increase reading strength for dyslexic readers and allows you to customize the color of the highlighted line.

Screenshot of OneLine on a webpage


OneLine can be used on almost any website on the web. Once a website has loaded, OneLine will automatically show up on the first line of the page.

Screenshot of OneLine on a webpage

Find a bug?

Report it here.

In late May of 2020, OneLine came out of beta. Although OneLine is no longer in beta, there may be issues within the extension. OneLine is getting better and better every single day through feedback from users. You can help improve OneLine by reporting any bugs that you find.

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